Thursday, December 13, 2007

The big bang for creationists,

Darwins theory of evolution by natural selection is not the Big Bang, Abiogenesis or Atomic theory.

The big bang is sometimes described as a titanic explosion that happened 13.7 billion years ago. 'Explosion' is a misnomer since the Big Bang happened everywhere at once and there was no pre-existing void into which the Universe erupted. Space and time and energy all came into being in the Big Bang. The Universe began in a super-dense, super-hot state 13.7 billion years ago and has been expanding and cooling ever since.

Just because you don't understand it, doesn't mean it never happened. Fortunately your belief isn't a prerequisite for the truth.


Brendan said...

One simple question. What ''exploded''.

Biker Boy said...

he sais nothing exploded, it took place everywhere. Steve, here is a question, who created the big bang. Was it just zues or was it a human being.

Steven said...

Nothing exploded. Everything expanded, everywhere.

Why does someone or thing have to have created the big bang?

In the future of humanity we might be able to create new universes, you never know. Perhaps another alien species has done it. Perhaps the did it and created this one. Perhaps not. For now there is no reason to believe it.

Biker Boy said...

if it wasnt created, how did it come into existence. If their are aliens where did their existence start. Maby by evolution.

Let me explain evolution as if you were a toddler.

A long long long time ago there was rain that made the boiling hot world cool down. In the water stuff goo started to form. In the goo a little creature was born from nothing. This little, poor, lonely creature looked for ever to find another creature like him. After a long search he found it. One just like him. They married and had a baby that was bigger and stronger than his mommy and daddy. He look all over the world to find one just like him. He found it. Miss creature married mister creature. They had a baby that had another baby and over a very very very very very very very very long time you were born by accident. Thank your gooish great x1216382938204486728470049 grand father. The end

Steven said...

"Let me explain evolution as if you were a toddler."

I study evolution. Why would I want to hear someone explain it as if they are talking to a toddler. Especially someone who has about the same knowledge of evolution as a toddler.

The fact that you think evolution by natural selection is the same as accidents belays your lack of knowledge on the subject.

Everyone can have their own opinions, just not their own facts.

As I have said before just because you believe your bible more than scientific theories doesn't make evolution untrue. Your belief isn't a prerequisite for the truth of reality. You disregard theories based on rational endeavours and mountains of evidence from many scientific disciplines. I just prefer the knowledge I have about the world to be accurately mapped onto reality. Silly me.

Please read. I am not trying to be condescending or patronising. I actually do want you to learn. If someone doesn't understand evolution I think it intellectually impoverishes them.

Here are some book titles

Evolution - The Remarkable History of a Scientific Theory by Edward J. Larson.

What Evolution is By Ernst Mayr

Evolution - Triumph of an Idea by Carl Zimmer.

Darwins Dangerous Idea By Daniel Dennet

These are accessible popular science books on evolution. No textbooks with complex jargon. Very easy to read.


Chineapple punk said...

"if it wasnt created, how did it come into existence. If their are aliens where did their existence start. Maby by evolution."

biker boy? More to the point, what are your answers to these questions? Is it that "God did it"? If so, how was God created? And please don't use the tired old excuse that logical and rational explanations cannot be applied to God because that is bullshit!

Biker Boy said...

God has always been there. He is the almighty god. The god of abraham, isaac and jacob. He sent ten plagues to pharoa to release his people. He made a path through a dry sea. He made it rain when it was impossible to rain. He gives good luck and bad luck. He transforms shepherds to kings, rejects to leader, leaders to rejects. He so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son to save all who ask for forgivenes' sins. He created the world in six days and unlike nature itself which you say mdaae itself over billions and billions of years. God is so mighty that he predicted the fall of babylon, rome, and greece. He even gives us the story of our time. He tells about the armaggedon, one world currency, one world kingdom, and one world religion. He made his son come to earth to live with rejects and ultimatly become the king of the heaven and earth. He sent the almightiest archangel, luciffer to the ground, lower than humans, animals, plants and fungi, even lower than your so called billions of years old fossils, to prepare a place for those who did not except his present of forgivenes, and who hate his people, the jews (and by his devine glory) the christians. It is called hell and it exists. The romans, jews babylonians, greek, egyptians, mayas, aztecs, chinese, jappeneese, muslims, catholics and every other nation in the history, except the city of sodom and gomorah, did know of its existence. Have you ever heard of a nde. You are smart enough to be able to know exactly what it is. People that are medically dead that go to heaven, or hell. More than 16 000 000 people in america alone had that amount and more than, i am writing under correction, 94% do not contradict the bible, or other nde's. The word of god is gods words written by many authors. To believe that is only a matter of faith.

He even put his name on his chosen city, jerusalem. You might ask where is his name, but look at a cotour map of jerusalem and you will see the greek symbol of god. Just to help you, here is how it looks. It looks like a w with an l on the right side.

Steven said...

Does he serve curly fries?

he died for me. said...

if you deserve it, yes. And just for the effect he will use you fingers. Don't under estemate him. You can try to over estimate him, but it is almost immposible

Steven said...

Do you have evidence for that?

he died for me. said...

yes. In the bible it says, For God all is possible. he is the almighty god. take that. As bikerboy said, it says so in his word. it is just a matter of faith for believing him.

Anonymous said...

Steve, does nature, wich is ceated by god make curly fries.

Steven said...

Does god which is created by man create curly fries? No.

If you think god created nature then please provide evidence.

Biker Boy said...

everything on earth is created by one designer. It says so in the bible. Man did not create god, for god has always existed.

Billy said...

For God all is possible.

Interesting, so he can make 2+2=47 while keeping the values the same then?

PS, why do you think the bible is true - not that I am going to hang around for your answer, but others might find your reasons amusing

Biker Boy said...

god said so in his word. As i said before, it is only a matter of faith. I can really only pray that you realize that, because otherwise you will have to find out when it is to late.

Billy said...

so, if I write a book that says it is true, it must be?
So how do you really know it is true.

Think about the sum I gave you!

Also, can he make square circles - think about it!

Steven said...

Your god can't logically exist. If you say something vacuous like "God is outside of logic" how can he have created the laws of physics? A god that created the laws of physics must be construed by logic.

The universe, life and everything doesn't need your god posited to explain it.

In the famous words of Laplace "I have no need for that hypothesis".

Biker Boy said...

if your book is more than 5000 years old, you have no unexplainable contradictions, which the bible has none of, and you say that god gave you the words, you speak not of hate, you have many authors, which agree, jip, i will believe you.

About that 2+2=47, jip. He creates a new language with other symbols.

Steven said...

Which bible? Which book or books? It was cherry picked in the beginning and parts were tossed out. In modern times what is left is cherry picked still.

You have no proof or evidence that the bible is the word of god or the inspired word of god. You can't use the bible to prove itself, that is circular reasoning and its frankly stupid.

The bible reads exactly as it would if it was written by a punch of archaic barbarians 5,000 years ago.

The bible would be infinitely more correct and awe inspiring if it was actually written by an omniscient being.

Billy said...

About that 2+2=47, jip. He creates a new language with other symbols.

Please read carefully, I definitately said while keeping the values the same. Now think about it again.

if your book is more than 5000 years old, you have no unexplainable contradictions,

Its your lucky day, 2 for the price of one; a contradiction and a failed prophecy in one

Jeremiah 36:30
Therefore thus says the Lord concerning Jehoiakim king of Judah, he shall have none to sit on the throne of David.


II Kings 24:6
So Jehoiakim slept with his fathers and Jehoiachin his son reigned in his stead.

Concerning the authenticity of the bible, try this:

So, how do you know it is true?

Billy said...

Anyone seen my square circle? :-)

Steven said...

I think you get that answer with the answer to the following questions.

What is the taste of blue?
What does spinach sound like?

Omnipotent/omniscient/omnibenevolent God paradox.

alastair blake said...

Hey Steven. I think God can make sense and may be discovered to be logical if we genuinely consider him to be a possibility and then ask him to show us, as we state that we don't see it, but that if He is real and true, that we want that. If we want truth, than I think we can just say to him, if you are true, help me see. I also think that God does make sense... (something I don't get all of, and won't anytime soon, but I do keep growing and struggling and then asking him for help.) I think that what he desires, like us, is to be loved genuinely from our being. (which leaves legalism within belief as a secondary thing) I think that that is when a being is most pleased, loving and so on, when true effort or asking, regardless of knowing is made/asked for. Like a parent who does not get mad as a child tries to crawl for the first time, but is pleased with the trying. If this meant nothing and just seemed out of place, I am sorry, I didn't want to be pointless or confusing.

Steven said...

The old "you have to believe it before you can see it" gambit.

It's not that I want or don't want to see god. That doesn't enter into the picture. I look at the universe and don't see a need for that hypothesis. A creator just isn't needed. If I come across evidence for one I will not ignore it but as of yet it hasn't happened.